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Safer Internet Day in Oak Class

As it was Safer Internet Day today, Oak Class took the opportunity to talk about some of the things to consider before posting photographs online.

We discussed that photographs can give others a first impression of us and therefore it's important to think about the sorts of photographs we might use. We also discussed how, once a photograph is on the internet, it can stay there forever and anyone can copy and reproduce it. It made us realise that we need to think carefully before posting pictures on social media sites and that we must always ask our parents' permission.


" I have learnt that if you post a picture on the internet, it's not going to come off and to ask permission if someone else is in the picture and you want to post it."



"I learnt that when you take a picture of something, it will stay on the internet forever. Also you need to get parents' permission before you put a picture online."



Here are some photos we are happy to share online!


Internet safety day 3.JPG

Internet safety day 4.JPG

Internet safety day 5.JPG

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