Snow Information

With a chance of heavy snow next week, the website will be updated with information regarding school closures. 

Birchwood: 3782 Maple: 3818 Oakington: 3861 Waterbeach: 3697

Gases in Oak class

Today we were learning about gases.

"If you blow a balloon, air goes into it and you can squeeze it and if you let go, the air will escape. That shows that air can go anywhere. " Summer

"An air freshener has gas in it so the gas spills out and spreads out, which shows that gases can spread easily." Oliver AJ

"Today in science we used a balloon. First we blew the balloon up. Next we squashed the balloon. Gas can be compressed very easily." Lena

Year 6 Juniper - Magnificent Maya morning.
Year 6 Juniper - Magnificent Maya Morning!
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